OCN+ECO Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


As much as possible, we shouldn't be using plastic AT ALL. However, with the current lifestyle condition of the world, there is no escaping it. So, the simple solution of repurposing plastic is helpful in its own way. Our Eco Bags are 100% recycled plastic and will last you a long time, which purposefully prevents you from having to use single-use plastic bags, paper, or fabric bags that break easily. In the end, for years, you are using only one bag and contributing to the minimized use of plastic, paper, and other unsustainably-produced material products.

They are made of recyclable plastic materials that fall in the following Category numbers:

#1 - Clear plastic like water bottles, straws, snack packs, etc., which are made of a material called PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

#2 - Opaque plastic bottles like milk and juice jugs, toiletry containers, etc., which are made of a material called HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

These categories are more recyclable than Categories 3-7. When purchasing products made with plastic, you can check the plastic category by looking for the number inside the chasing arrows symbol.

Very durable. They are meant and designed to last a long time. Contrary to other bags, our Eco Bags are very low-maintenance, all-weather, and enduring. I have used them for years while still living in Bali, having put them to quite a lot of use and around harsh tropical environmental situations such as rain, mold, humidity, heat, sand, rocks, sea,  and water.
No. Definitely not. Our Eco Bags are 100% handwoven by talented local folks in small villages in Java, Indonesia. This is also why you may notice differences in each bag's size and weaving as each bag is admirably done by hand.

Our Eco Bags are made in Indonesia. Each bag is handwoven by local folks in the small villages of Java. These talented people earn a living through small businesses like us. We are a direct to the crafter community kind of busines with no middlemen or agents that add their extra fees.

We work with several communities to provide them with some livelihood as well as meet our production demands.