Eco Bags

Our Eco-Bags are woven by our teams of local crafters from small villages in Java, Indonesia, using recycled PET and HDPE plastic waste.

Locals earn some money combing the region's streets, beaches, and waters to collect these waste products, which they then bring to recycling factories in their area and reconstituted into highly-durable plastic strips. Apart from waste collection, the production of these bags is one of the main income sources for these small communities, so each bag not only helps the environment but also for these locals to survive.

Our bags are designed by us, crafted by our talented local teams, and in support of the Indonesian government's recycling initiatives.

They are very sturdy, low-maintenance, and easy to clean and sanitize. Simply the perfect bag for your everyday wear, supermarket use, or the beach!


  • Regular  |  12" L  x  6.5" W  x  11" H
  • Large  |  15" L  x  7.5" W  x  13" H
  • Extra-Large  |  15" L  x  9" W  x  13" H

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